Travel Photography Gear Guide

Travel Photography Gear Guide

Travel Photography Gear Guide

Planning to travel and have a passion for photography? Do you want to know what photography gear should you take with you? So, here is a list of the top gear you should take with you on every trip.


The first and foremost requirement in your travel photography gear is a camera. There are many different options available for different budget. So, do your research before buying one. One option which has been increasingly in demand is a mirrorless camera. If you are thinking to purchase one, do complete research.

Hard Drive

Having a reliable hard drive with one terabyte storage at least eliminates the issue of being halfway through your trip with a lot of photos on the memory card and having to empty all of them on your laptop. Moreover, you should have a hard drive that protects against spills, drops, dust, weather and other elements.


Camera lens is the most expensive camera gear to buy. To buy the most appropriate lenses, you need to focus on what you want to click. Based on that you can choose your lenses. You can either go for a wide-angle lens or a medium telephoto lens depending on your requirements.


You need a reliable and lightweight tripod which holds the weight of your camera. Carbon fiber tripods are a great option because of their strength, weight and resistance, but the aluminum tripods are cheaper. A tripod is an essential gear as it lets you create a foundation and framework to your pictures and take shots that are wonderful.


The costly glass on your lens requires protection, so you should use a filter always to protect it from damages or scratches. You may use a UV filter or a polarizing filter based on your photography requirements. A UV filter has minimum effect on the photo quality and is a must-have in sunlight, while a polarizing filter helps reduce reflection from glass and water and make the cloud more defined and render blue sky darker. A neutral density filter is designed to absorb the light when it passes through the lens, letting you capture at wider stops in bright conditions.

Weather Protection for All Gear

While traveling, weather can change at any time and bad weather can strike. So, you need to protect your gear. You can buy a camera hood made of waterproof materials and seams are taped to offer extra waterproofing.